Treats a Variety of Conditions

From the Common Cold to Fertility Disorders

Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of different diseases, disorders and pain conditions. Common ailments that respond well to acupuncture are listed below.

Classical Chinese Acupuncture Can Effectively Treat People with:

  1. Pains and Aches in Muscles/Bones/Joints acute as well as chronic
  2. One-sided Pains
  3. Traumatic injuries
  4. Respiratory disorders
  5. Digestive disorders
  6. Fertility disorders (female and male)
  7. Endocrine disorders
  8. Gynecological disorders
  9. Urogenital disorders
  10. Sleep disorders
  11. Emotional & psychiatric disorders
  12. Body detoxification functions
  13. The common cold
  14. Nausea associated with chemotherapy and the pain incurred from the constant surgeries that cancer patients undergo
  15. It can also help to cleanse and minimize the side effects of conventional medications. Acupuncture can help to rid yourself of these medications and maintain a pain free life. Great replacement for addictive opioid medications.